Curves and Edges

Curves and Edges_1

Whoa.. what?? Yes!! I am talking here about your body! How many of you feel conscious about your appearance? Almost every one of us! Diets and regimes and what not! All that not for a healthy living, but to get that perfect body that your friend, relative, idol or the so-called self-proclaimed enemy possesses. Such a shame to shame your own body by comparing with someone else’s. (more…)


Lost and Found

I have known truth..
I have seen lies..
I have made smiles..
I have heard cries..
Makes me no different than you..
But still so different in every way..
For the reason ‘you’ is what am losing on..
And for am finding ‘myself’ everyday. . .

Love? Really??

Love really

Love.. a word that is extremely sensitive and funny at the same time. We grow up visualising the ideal form of love. Some of us relate it to Karan Johar’s extravagant movies and some are still holding on tight to fairy tales. Even I was one of them, I agree! Always getting crazy over the idea that someday, something will change and the new morning will greet me with a handsome surprise! And that I will have the perfect life – with a perfect partner.


Is it all worth?

Is it all worth

A child comes into this world, with no idea of what is supposed to be done! Sheer innocence and curiosity gets the angelic soul wonder in amaze – what the hell is happening! : D

We all grew up by the best of our parents’ capabilities and we are very sure they always tried their best to make our lives comfortable – no gratitude can ever be enough for that. However knowingly or unknowingly, we have been caught up in a chase of being better than the others. Let it be your exam scores or college followers or anything like that, we all have been compared – either by ourselves or by someone else.


The Beginning…

The beginning

They say that the beginnings are the hardest and the most difficult step is the first step, and it certainly is. When we look ahead towards what we aspire to have or to be, even one step seems to be the biggest challenge. So many thoughts, so many inhibitions but that restlessness remains the same because you know you want something and you want it so bad.