The Beginning…

The beginning

They say that the beginnings are the hardest and the most difficult step is the first step, and it certainly is. When we look ahead towards what we aspire to have or to be, even one step seems to be the biggest challenge. So many thoughts, so many inhibitions but that restlessness remains the same because you know you want something and you want it so bad.

But, do we ever think why? Why the first action seems like a step that we can’t take back? Why the world seems to take a halt when we think of moving ahead. Is it the ‘fear of the unknown’, ‘lack of conviction’ or simply a heartbeat that your heart just skipped?

Everything is momentary and can’t be reversed. Rather than being afraid just keep your hand on your heart for minute and decide to take that leap of faith. Because what if it goes well? Think this way – you try once and things can start unfolding like you always wanted! It may not, but IT MAY! Destiny plays an important role, yes! But more important are your intentions – to be or not to be. Let people think what they want to think – you are much more important to yourself than they are, and what you need to bother about is whether your actions are bringing that feeling of contentment. I understand that every situation is different and not so easy but I also know that courage is much more peaceful than regret of not trying.

DREAM.. no matter how unrealistic it seems to be. Dreams were never meant to be realistic, they are your personal space of everythings and nothings. Keep smiling as there’s no battle you need to fight, no one to prove, it’s okay to be ‘okay’ and it’s okay to take that first step.

“~Are you ready for last act, to take a step you cant’t take back~”



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