Is it all worth?

Is it all worth

A child comes into this world, with no idea of what is supposed to be done! Sheer innocence and curiosity gets the angelic soul wonder in amaze – what the hell is happening! : D

We all grew up by the best of our parents’ capabilities and we are very sure they always tried their best to make our lives comfortable – no gratitude can ever be enough for that. However knowingly or unknowingly, we have been caught up in a chase of being better than the others. Let it be your exam scores or college followers or anything like that, we all have been compared – either by ourselves or by someone else.

Standing at a shop, waiting for the vendor to pack some sweets for me, I was looking at the annoying traffic – they were seriously annoying! Not because of the unnecessary honks – but for the kind of insecurities people had ‘printed’ on their faces which they were trying to hide by being so-called-stylish! And there I saw an uncle, collecting some left-overs after the Dussehra hustle and assembling all of it in his rickshaw. I was struck to see the peaceful smile he had on his face while he was struggling to find something valuable for his living. And there was me, and so many people on the same road, struggling with their own inhibitions.

This put me to a thought – is it all worth? Are most of the sorrows uncalled for? Aren’t we making our blissful lives unnecessarily difficult? Some questions we all go through, laugh at – but never think over and sort! I know we all have stuff to go through – studies, career, relationships, health and what not. Our challenges do not define us, they carve us to discover the best of ourselves. It is okay to have problems as we are humans and it is also okay to understand that the only constant is change. Let’s try and have a happy life and to be our best against all odds.

~When you fear your struggles, they consume you. When you face your struggles, you overcome them~


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