Love? Really??

Love really

Love.. a word that is extremely sensitive and funny at the same time. We grow up visualising the ideal form of love. Some of us relate it to Karan Johar’s extravagant movies and some are still holding on tight to fairy tales. Even I was one of them, I agree! Always getting crazy over the idea that someday, something will change and the new morning will greet me with a handsome surprise! And that I will have the perfect life – with a perfect partner.

Time has its mysterious ways to wake us from our adorable fantasy land. It shakes us to the reality and tells us that the term ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. Fairy tales are just stories to make you fall asleep and movies are hyped scenarios hardly possible in real world until you have an amazing fortune or bed full of money – not otherwise!

Aha! This makes wonder how do people fall in love at first sight? Are there some magic spells, some good karmas by your great-great-great grandparents, some invitation to screw-my-life or simply hormones-calling! I believe – none of the above!

All I understand is love is all about caring for people who matter to you. It is not necessarily a clichéd couple thingy! It is much beyond this, it is – living for those who matter to you and doing well for everyone as much as your capability allows without asking anything in return. It’s about touching someone’s life in a way that you become a sweet memory, a heart-pleasing one..

I know , right now this may sound too sober to digest but maybe 10 years later when we are worn out by our hypothetical la-la land, these words will make sense to you, to me and to everyone who is currently too drunk on their fantasies!

Wishing you some genuine love! ^_^


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