Curves and Edges

Curves and Edges_1

Whoa.. what?? Yes!! I am talking here about your body! How many of you feel conscious about your appearance? Almost every one of us! Diets and regimes and what not! All that not for a healthy living, but to get that perfect body that your friend, relative, idol or the so-called self-proclaimed enemy possesses. Such a shame to shame your own body by comparing with someone else’s.

We have seen so many girls cutting back on delicacies, just to stay in shape. The slim ones want to put on weight and the chubby ones want to fit into a 26 waist jeans! Not to forget the silly standards set up by the society and the not-so-invited suggestions by not-so-important aunties, make our lives all the more hell-like! Our dear ladies, Instead of focussing on being pretty, focus on being beautiful and the first rule of being beautiful is acceptance. Accept yourself the way you are, as no one is perfect yet is unique in its own way. Follow a regime for a healthy-living and not just to look better than the girl you don’t get along with or your ex’s current fancy :D.

Prettiness fades away, beauty stays forever. Most importantly, look beautiful for yourself and not for anyone else. Plus, if someone wants to stick around you just because of your looks – shoo them away! Believe me, they aren’t worth keeping. Never forget, that you are BEAUTIFUL in your own way. Moreover we would never like to have clones by looking all the same – would we? A happy woman is the most beautiful – inside out. Improve yourself but never doubt and if you ever do that, I will remind you how special you are 🙂
~Imperfection is beautiful~


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